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Agriculture at Finca Köbö

My family has worked in farming for generations. It hurts us to see more and more small farms disappear to give way to technically refined agricultural businesses supported by the most sophisticated machinery. In my opinion this will prove unsustainable in the long run. Many of us small farmers have to work very hard to make a living in a world of increasing globalisation. It is a world that intents to exterminate traditional ways of agriculture from the remaining lands, whose inhabitants still attempt to preserve this almost extinct heritage.

How can we find a balance between old and new ways, which allows us to continue to exist? This is a question, which we have not yet found an answer to – and to find it at all will not be easy. We are looking for a way to survive as farmers but at the same time develop a less exploiting form of production. We want to create a place, where the protection of the soil, the water, and both ecosystems – the agricultural and the natural one surrounding it may be combined with profitable farming. Thus, allowing for a healthier place for humans as well as for their surroundings.

We believe that production is closely linked to conservation. As a farmer, I think we have to establish places and structures within our farms to leave some space to nature.

At the moment we are working on creating various different agricultural ecosystems. Diversity is our best asset in this task. Our crops are organic. We use biological fertilizers such as compost or manure. We also experiment with plants for pest control.

The cacao crop occupies the major part of the area. But we also cultivate more than 6 species of bananas, starfruit, pineapple, maracuya, coffee, tuber, papayas, citrus fruit, and many more – totalling at, depending on the season, more than 30 species of fruit and vegetables.

Currently we produce only for our own needs and for our visitors'. We still have a lot to learn and continue our experiment every day afresh.

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