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Chocolate Tour

Cacao production is the main economic crop of Finca Köbö. We invite you to experience this marvellous manufactoring process.

First we visit the area of the “ traditional cacao plantation ”. It is an untouched and mystical area, where we can have first impressions of the “cacao forest”, the flowers and fruit. The history and culture of this tropical crop is highly interesting, reaching back to the Mayas. You will get information about the origin of the cacao tree, the history, the first contact with Europeans, and the principal disease called “Monilia”.

Passing the “biological corridor” we can understand its purpose and its benefit to the animals living next to us, like monkeys, coatis, sloths, and many more. Here they feed, the corridors allow them to linger and move from one farm to another safely and without interference.

On the way to the organic cacao plantation we pass the secondary forest with its pioneer plants and its typical flora and fauna.

During the walk in the area of organic cacao cultivation we show you different species of cacao fruit. We will have a little rest in this beautiful spot to open up and taste a fresh fruit from the “chocolate tree”. You will hear about the international market situation, the main producers, and the main consumers of the world.

Next to the cacao plantation we will show you the various steps of making good chocolate. First we visit the fermentation area , then we pass the drying area , and later we observe the transformation of a roasted cacao-bean into pure chocolate. Last but not least we invite you to taste a wonderful chocolate fondue with fresh fruit and homemade banana bread from the farm in a quiet place in the middle of a tropical garden.

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